Libonomy’s impact on different industries

Started as the foundation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology is now spreading across a plethora of industries.

VIP 2 FAN, social platform for celebrities and fans to connect

Vip 2 Fan is a platform that through fan tokens and NFTs brings celebrities closer to their fans. In a world where a million followers are no longer anything spectacular.

Deeper dive into Libonomy’s interoperability

Libonomy is one of the most ambitious blockchain technology projects right now, it introduces a new paradigm of security...

RZ Capital Holding AB appoints a new board

RZ Capital Holding AB, an innovation company active in blockchain technology and online gaming operations, appoints a new board and moves the operations home to Sweden

LBY tokenomics

Libocoin (LBY) is the main asset of the Libonomy blockchain. LBY tokenomics reflect on coin allocation and lock-up/release schedule.

Libonomy's commercial roadmap for 2021

Libonomy is a fast, efficient and fully decentralized blockchain platform that is bringing a plethora of...