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Libonomy, One-Click Business - Crypto Token Solution

As the year 2021 nears our lives, an exponential and dynamic project has been in the making for some time now. The newest crypto project entering the space this coming fourth Quarter 2020 is known as, Libonomy. The team that built Libonomy, started with a couple of main focus points. The first being, a completely decentralized blockchain offered to the crypto community. The second is the truest and complete concept of interoperability, between already pre-existing and developed blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Cosmos, Etherium and many others yet to come. One of a few specific use cases of Libonomy will come forward over the last quarter of 2020. One use case that Libonomy is producing to revolutionize the concept of blockchains, is the ability to simply smart contracts. Therefore, when a company, big or small is looking to create their own token (smart contract) they can search upon Libonomy for an easy and simple answer. Libonomy is offering any business, interested in going into the crypto space an opportunity to build off their interoperable blockchain with a one click solution. This solution will be for free! Libonomy offers a quality opportunity for many to expand their businesses into the future of

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File Storage on Libonomy blockchain

Blockchain thanks to its decentralized nature alongside its immutability and transparency serves a significant role in distributing duties and tasks across vast networks. It is a technology that is growing rapidly, every day maintaining countless distributed databases. Enabling file sharing and transferring through blockchain can open many doors towards unlimited growth potential for the technology - it can completely revolutionize the way file sharing is seen.

Instead of uploading on a third-party platform and downloading through it, files can be shared from node to node on a decentralized network without any risks or security vulnerabilities. Third party platforms are always going to be prone to hacking and theft of important data, which can put privacy and security of users at risk. Contrarily, blockchain can provide a secure storage and transfer for financial and legal documents, agreements, photos and other essential data.

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World Auction Market Powered By Libonomy Blockchain

Since the beginning of time there have always been auctions. Auctions have always been a source of revenue for many, while also offering a level of enjoyment for users. Then the internet took over the world, enabling the global population to interact in such a way, never seen before. Online auctions took the forefront of one of the largest profit generators, over the last 30 years. The team at Libonomy has focused their dedication to the online auction market by introducing their own auction solution, which will run off their independent blockchain.

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Modern Day Disadvantage with Online Auctions Sites


Protection of personal user data and security facilitation for bidder and seller.


Monitoring and tracking of bidding history in a well organized form.


Interoperability ensures access for various sellers and bidders from around the globe.


Filter out preferred biddings according to the previous history of the user.


Easy for various industries to adopt and utilize the application.

Supply chain management

Secure data storage

Smart contract