How to store 12 words?

Seed phrase which is also known as recovery phrase or mnemonic seed is an ordered set of 12-24 words...


Seed phrase which is also known as recovery phrase or mnemonic seed is an ordered set of 12-24 words that are randomly generated by the wallet. It stores the information that can be used to recover your wallet when you need to restore your wallet or it fails unexpectedly. 
Ensure it is hidden in a secure location and stored/written on something that will last your lifetime.

Here are some tips on how to save and store your Seed phrase to have it as safe as possible:


Before you try any additional ways, you should consider writing down your seed phrase on a piece of paper. Paper is not a long-lasting material as it gets wet, burns, and rips apart.  Having a second copy in a different store area will prevent loss if the other copy is destroyed or misplaced, preventing a single point of failure. The disadvantage is that it is more likely to be discovered by others. It's about striking a balance between security and usability. It's entirely up to you how many copies you would like to make.


When it comes to resisting the forces of time and mother nature, putting your seed word on metal is a common solution. It's tough, long-lasting, and moisture- and heat-resistant. There is no need to generate new copies, and there is little risk of physical deterioration. When selecting a metal, be cautious. You need a metal that can resist a fire in your home. Beware of corrosion as it is the degradation of a material caused by a chemical reaction between it and its surroundings, which can make the metal to rust and prevent your Seed phrase to be readable. 


The separation of Seed phrase in parts and writing them on multiple pieces of paper. As a result, you'll need to combine the splits to get your seed phrase. This requires keeping track of several splits and locations. Splitting your seed phrase in half is not recommended.


Memorizing your seed phrase is probably the greatest approach to assure that no one else knows what your seed is. Your seed is always on you, yet it is never visible. This is especially useful if you're on the go and require access to your funds. The disadvantage is, of course, forgetting your seed, which is simple to do if you don't recite it every day. As a result, it takes greater mental work not just to memorize your seed but also to retain it. Memorizing is a great mental backup to your physical backup. Forgetting your seed phrase becomes less of an issue. It's a great method in addition to writing it down. 


Storing your seed phrase into a memory device such as an SD card, USB drive, external SSD, CD, etc. To do this securely without compromising your seed on an exposed device, you'll need some understanding and know-how (e.g. using an encrypted bootable OS installed on a USB drive is the most common). Digital storage technologies (like paper) are nevertheless vulnerable to the same physical hazards as paper (physical and environmental). It can also be physically lost. Data loss is also a serious concern. The lifespan of memory storage devices is undefined. Time or damage can cause data corruption (both electrical and physical). Digital storage is not recommended for the majority of people as Seed phrases would not exist if the preferred method of seed storage was digital. Seed phrases were created with the goal of being written down; this is why they are words.