Create Smart Contract - OCSC

Create EVM based smart contract easily if you follow all the steps properly

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# Step 1

Open One Click Smart Contract.

# Step 2

 Choose “Create New OCSC”



# Step 3

         Pick the “Utility Token” and press “Next” to continue”



# Step 4

Choose the desired network type and press “Next”


# Step 5

Type in Token name and the symbol for your Token and press “Next”


# Step 6

You will need to enter the Total Supply of your tokens and choose how many decimal numbers the unit will have and press “Next”


# Step 7

Now you need to switch over to your Metamask extension and copy to the clipboard the account address and press “Generate Code”


# Step 8

Check the details and continue by pressing “Verify & Deploy”


# Step 9

Connect your token to Metamask by choosing connection to Metamask and press “Connect”


# Step 10

 Open the Metamask extension to “Confirm” the connection


# Step 11

Set the Gas Limit and price and “Save”


# Step 12

“Confirm” the amounts


# Step 13

The pop window should be displayed while deploying


# Step 14

Copy and save the contract address and tick the check box to confirm that you have saved the address


# Step 15

Go to Assets and press “Add Token”


# Step 16

Paste your newly created address and press “Next” to continue


# Step 17

Your created Token should be displayed and press “Add Tokens”


# Step 18

Now the Metmask should contain your created Smart Contract.