How to create an account?

When you create a wallet on Libonomy Software, it gets created on your hard drive.


All wallets created in Libonomy OS, Libonomy mobile apps as well as through web interface and Google Chrome extension are interchangeable and can be used through any of the platforms mentioned above. For example, a wallet created on Libonomy OS can be accessed and used through Libonomy mobile app as well.

A wallet created on Libonomy OS can be accessed with a password. In case the password is lost, the only way to retrieve the wallet is with the 12-word recovery phrase (mnemonic) that is given when creating the account.

Important! Do NOT lose the recovery phrase and guard it safely. Learn how to store your recovery phrase


# Step 1

If you need help installing the application, the guide link is here. After installing, open it and you’ll see a welcome screen. Click on “Create an account”.


# Step 2

Enter the password you wish your account to have. With this, you will be able to access the wallet on your computer. Enter the password, press “Continue” and then enter it again to make sure you have typed it correctly and press “Continue” again.


# Step 3

Now you will see another reminder to keep your security phrase in a safe place only you can access. By filling out the checkbox, you confirm that you understand that only you are responsible for the recovery of your wallet. Then press “Generate 12 word seed”.



# Step 4

Write down the 12 words in this exact order. If you click on the “copy” button, it will automatically copy all the list to your clipboard so you can use the “paste” function where needed. (The example picture has been edited for security reasons, the software will show you all 12 words.) You choose the safest option where to keep this phrase. It can be in a text file on a well-protected data storage unit or on a piece of paper in a physical safe. When this step is done, press “Continue”.


# Step 5

In this step, you are given all 12 words of your list in a randomized order. (The example picture has been edited for security reasons, you will see all 12 words here.) Look at the list you have just copied and fill the four windows with the words with the correct number. In the example the third word is asked. The third word, in this case, is “cabin”. When clicked, it falls in place. When all four words have been filled in, it automatically takes you to the next step. 


# Step 6

Congratulations, you have now created your Libonomy Desktop Software wallet. It is located on your computer and can be accessed through the login screen. To log in, press on the little arrow next to the “Pick your wallet”. You will see there all wallets created on your computer, as it is possible to have several wallets on the same computer. It will be possible to rename your wallet, then instead of the creation date as in the example picture, you’ll see the name of your wallet. Choose the wallet you have created and enter the password you set. Then click “Unlock”. You have now logged in to your wallet.