Decentralized digital asset wallet
A blockchain wallet is free digital currency wallet that enables users to send, store or receive crypto currencies, it also shows transaction history of the wallet.

Same as account number for bank account, blockchain wallet has a public key. And, Private key is like a password for your digital wallet.

Libonomy node wallet library or developer library will enable the developers to configure the wallet needed to interact with the blockchain when communication network is made available. Later using public wallet software development kit (SDK) community will be able to interact with the wallets on explorer and carry out the transactions.

After that Libonomy ledger application will also be made available so that users can secure their assets on offline wallet.

At the base of every blockchain you can find a P2P (peer-to-peer) network. It’s a system where there is no central authority, but instead nodes communicate with one another all data in the network is shared between all network participants. Everything is written down in a decentralized ledger and once registered can’t be changed (making it immutable).