Completely Decentralized Network
Public blockchain heavily relies on a completely decentralized network, but viability of current technologies become questionable due to the mining pools. Even some of the newer consensus algorithms share similar traits; that served as one of the reasons that helped us to realize that a completely new consensus algorithm has to be built.

We attack this problem in two ways, first is introduction of completely original multi-pool consensus system. That means that all nodes will automatically be categorized by their performance and contribution to the network; by doing that we create more decentralized and more democratic network.

Second, if we want our blockchain to be completely decentralized, we need to base every aspect of it on the blockchain itself. This marks the next step – make our Artificial Intelligence governed core decentralized. By basing AI core on the blockchain it becomes as secure as the rest of the blockchain and, as there is no central authority, intervening with the AI engine is impossible.