Centralized, Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized Trading Engine
First significant project that will be launched on our newly built blockchain will be our Libonomy DEX (decentralized exchange). But while we are putting everything together to successfully launch first truly interoperable decentralized exchange we will be introducing public with centralized version of our exchange first.

There are few differences between centralized and decentralized versions of exchange. Few of the greater benefits of DEX are that all personal information will be held directly on the blockchain, multi-factor authentification will run directly through the blockchain and users will have full control over their multi-currency digital wallets. On top of that our DEX will insure greater TPS than any present exchange, it’s also scalable and all trades will be done live, directly from customers wallets.

These are considerable benefits of using DEX over any CEX (centralized exchange) available. But we want to keep in mind that some customers want to have the same features as simple as possible. So we want to offer both versions to customers, some will transfer to DEX once it’s launched, some won’t. We want to leave this option in the hands of the customers.

Together with DEX we will also launch our decentralized trading engine which will be available for everyone to use and build their own decentralized exchanges using it. Right now it involves a lot of hectic, hard work to develop a fully functional DEX. We are giving developers an option to use our SDK, our APIs and save tremendous amounts of development and production time.