Blockchain Explorer
We use internet browser to view information on the internet; similar qualities we have for a blockchain or block explorer. It enables the entire blockchain platform to be examined publicly. Every blockchain has a unique block explorer and can only be used for that specific blockchain. But exactly what information can you find on the block explorer?

• Transactions:
Every transaction in any block that has been created and added to the blockchain can be found using block explorer

• Blocks:
Live feed of recently created blocks updated in real time

• Transaction History:
Full history of any specific address

• Genesis block:
First created block on the blockchain

• Largest transactions:
Largest transactions on the blockchain

• Contributors:
Nodes that contribute the most in terms of resources, time and validity

• Network Stakers:
Nodes that have contributed the most in searching for the exploits in the blockchain

• Rewards:
Rewards given to the nodes in the network

• Projects:
All projects created and based on the blockchain

• Coins and tokens:
All coins and tokens that have been created on the blockchain

In the first phase of the Libonomy block explorer we will establish webpage for it, but in this phase it will run on very limited functionalities. The true purpose of the block explorer will come in Public Testnet Libration Patch 2.

On Patch 2 we will also be introducing faucet manager – place to acquire testnet coins for testing purposes. During this patch Libonomy testnet explorer will showcase all the transactions related to the coin as well as give community the ability to examine exploit finding pool.

At the final step a complete mainnet explorer with all the necessary functionalities will be available for community.