What awaits us in December?

December 17, 2020 by Libonomy

As we are making our final steps in the year 2020, we want to summarize our progress in November and sketch out the last three weeks of this year.

We are really happy with the progress we made in November. We had put ourselves to a pretty tall task, but we managed to be very successful with it. Most of the plans are fully done, some are only left to deploy; there are few minor issues to be resolved for the two upcoming use cases – “One-Click Smart Contracts” and “File Storage on Blockchain”, and font end improvement for our multi-currency wallet.

Targets for November, 2020:

• White Paper v2 – Done/Deployed
• Mainnet Virtual Machine v1 – Done/Undeployed
• Mainnet Explorer – Done/Undeployed
• Mainnet Smart Contracts - Done/Deployed
• Libonomy Light node Software – Minor improvement
• Libocoin Public Offering – In Progress
• Libonomy One Click Contract – Minor debugging
• Libonomy File Storage – Minor debugging
• Multi-Currency Wallet v1 – Front end improvement
• Aphelion Upgrade – Finished DPOS, BFT, AI support

Overall, the progress is great. We have already started public Libocoin offering on our LiboEx exchange, as well as Latoken and ProperSix exchanges. In December we will remain as candid as before, we’re not changing a thing, here is the plan for December.


• Aphelion Upgrade (Virtual Machine, Reward Distribution)
• Aphelion Hybrid Chains Support
• Smart Contract Interoperability
• Private and Public blockchains
• Blockchain Development Support/Tools Upgrade
• Blockchain Development General Upgrade
• Aphelion Reboot (Dependent of Network Size)


• Multi-Currency Wallet + Software
• Explorer Feature Upgrade (3 Stages)
• Desktop App Feature Upgrade (2 Stages)
• Cold Wallet App (Ledger)
• Interoperable DEX

Undoubtedly some milestones are more significant than others, but no matter how big or small the step is, it’s still a necessary one – December will be full of activities on both blockchain and utility fronts.

On the blockchain side, we are looking to upgrade our consensus engine to include virtual machine for smart contracts, reward distribution for participants as well as hybrid chain support. We’ll also introduce smart contract interoperability to enable cross-chain decentralized applications, full public and private blockchain support, blockchain development general and support upgrade, and, depending on the network size, we might go through our first dynamic Aphelion consensus reboot.

On the utility side we’ll keep our hands busy with the cryptocurrency wallet that will support all the top crypto currencies and the software for it. Also, we’ll be working on improving features on Libonomy blockchain explorer, launching desktop app, cold wallet app, and by the end of the month – the first truly interoperable DEX in the world.

As always, thank you everyone for joining the Libonomy community, together we can make a difference!