Status Update #11

January 12, 2021 by Libonomy

Update Log #11 - Libonomy blockchain interaction, version 1.0.0:

• Added support for ledger wallet which will enable users to store their crypto assets offline;
• Added decimal system which helps Libocoin (LBY) and crypto assets on Libonomy blockchain to transfer asset without manually calculating the crypto amount whenever transaction is to be carried out;
• Added support for staking mechanism (POS or BFT system) for main-stake chain of Libonomy ecosystem;
• Added support of upgrading blockchain in future without the need to shift blockchain chain again and again. The same system on same chain will upgrade to the newer version depending upon the functionality included;
• Added configuration to upgrade the blockchain in the next release by removing all the 3rd party dependencies of staking/native consensus algorithms.



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